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Brand Afrikan    |     Empowering Our People

About Us

We are an African Brand with a big focus on Empowering our People.

We source great products that we list on our platform at discounted prices for members to buy and sell making up to 100% profit among other benefits.

Brand Afrikan Products

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Vitamin E Body Lotion - R50
Charcoal Soap - R70
Stretch Mark Oil - R130
African Black Soap - R70
Vitamin E Tissue Oil - R70
Chamomile Soap - R60

GPP Products

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Turmeric Oil - 100ml - R80
Hair Oil - 100ml - R70
Hair Food - 100g - R60
Turmeric Oil - 60ml - R50
Turmeric Soap - R70
Turmeric Cream - R60
Multi Purpose Cleaner - GPP - R50
Multi Surface Cleaner - GPP - R50
Car Air freshener - Apple (Diffuser) - R30
Car Air freshener - Strawberry (Diffuser) - R30
Car Air freshener - Pina Colada (Diffuser) - R30
Car Air freshener - New Car (Diffuser) - R30
Car Air freshener - Apple (Sprayer) - R70
Car Air freshener - Strawberry (Sprayer) - R70
Car Air freshener - Pina Colada (Sprayer) - R70
Car Air freshener - New Car(Sprayer) - R70
Stain Remover - R40
Oven, Pots & Grill Heavy Duty Cleaner - R35
Dash & Tyre Shine - R50


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